Schluter-RENO Floor Transitions

Information about Schluter-RENO Floor Transitions

Schluter-RENO Line

When it comes to the tiling industry, Schluter systems have been the industry leaders and have consistently met the needs of millions of people around the world. The company was started in 1966, and it has been a major success from that very first day. They bring style and elegance to any home.


Schluter Systems offers various tile profiles to make any type of flooring conversion a simple process. The Schluter transition profiles work to accommodate different flooring scenarios. The Schluter-SCHIENE works to protect the edges of a tiled surface where the surface is the same height. This works great for areas where the tile flooring is bordered by carpet. The Schluter-DECO works with surfaces that are the same height. This works well for materials like carpet and wood. The Schluter-DECO is wider than the Schluter-SCHIENE. Some other characteristics of the Schluter-DECO is the artistic lines that can be added within the tile flooring.

The Schluter-RENO-T is designed to overlap the edges of the adjacent floor covering surface with the same height. This works great where floors are covered with ceramic tile or natural stone, parquet flooring, concrete pavers, or laminate flooring. The Schluter-RENO-TK is built to transition between tile and a lower floor covering. This mainly works well for carpeted areas. This profile hides and protects the cut edge of the adjoining surface covering. The Schluter-RENO-RAMP is also great for transitions between tiled surfaces and lower floor coverings. This is mainly used for places that use wheel carts on a regular basis. As you can see, Schluter has transition profiles to fit just about every scenario.